Wednesday, 01 March 2017 00:00

Give a Great Foot Rub

Deepen your relationship! Give your sweetheart the gift of touch with a foot massage. A good foot rub offers benefits to the body mind and spirit. Among its many benefits:

Massage can alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression.

PMS sufferers report decreased symptoms after a massage.

Massaging the feet provides relaxation and stress relief. Sleep improves after massage.

Circulation improves after massage. People with diabetes and Reynaud’s Disease especially benefit.

It can help improve circulation. This is especially important for people with diabetes.

Headaches, including migraines, can decrease with regular massage.

There’s the why of foot massage, but what about the how? Giving your first massage can feel intimidating, but don’t worry…you can’t do it wrong! Even a so-so massage feels great after a long day.

You’ll need some massage oil or lotion. These are easily and inexpensively purchased at any drug store. Start with a dime-sized dollop. You an always add more.

Rub the oil or lotion into the skin and nails of the entire foot.

Pull the toes apart and interlace your fingers between them. Wiggle them back and forth, toward the sole and the top of the foot.  Gently tug each one away from the foot.

Use both hands to massage the entire foot, covering the toes, arch and heel. Ask if the pressure is too light or too hard. Discover how it feels to use your thumbs, your fingers, and your knuckles.

Massage each foot one at a time and together.

Remember to cover feet with socks after massage – they can be slippery!

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