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Is a Podiatrist the Right Doctor For You?

What Is a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a specialist who diagnoses and treats illnesses and injuries of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. When you see the letters DPM after your doctor’s name, it means that he or she is a podiatrist. It also means that he or she has gone through years of demanding training and is uniquely qualified to care for you.  According recent information released by the American Podiatric Medical Association, there are currently nearly 18,000 podiatrists practicing in the United States.

Should I See a Podiatrist?

If you are experiencing foot and/or ankle pain, or if you have noticed changes in the look or feel of your feet, you should make an appointment to see a podiatrist.  Even if nothing is currently problematic, you may want to visit a podiatrist anyway, especially if you have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes. These can lead to problematic situations.


What Does a Podiatrist Treat?

A podiatrist like Dr. Boris Abramov or Dr. Tatyana Abramova is the best doctor to care for your feet and ankles.  These specialists can diagnose and treat all manner of health issues related to your feet and ankles, including:

$1·      heel pain

$1·      hammertoes

$1·      warts

$1·      corns and calluses

$1·      sprains and fractures

$1·      toenail or foot fungus

$1·      ingrown toenails

$1·      sports injuries

$1·      diabetic foot care

$1·      bunions


Can podiatrists perform surgery?

Podiatrists can usually operate on the bones, ligaments, tendons and joints of the foot and ankle, depending on their credentials, certifications, state license, hospital affiliations. Boris Abramov, DPM often performs surgeries. After consultation and examination, he can help you with a wide variety of conditions.

What Are the Qualifications of a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is the most qualified professional to care for your feet. It takes four years of training in a podiatric medical school and three years of hospital residency, similar to the training of other doctors, to become a podiatrist. 

Like other doctors, many podiatrists specialize in areas of care. These can include sports medicine, surgery, wound care, and diabetic care.

Caring for Your Feet at Abramov’s Comprehensive Foot Care

Every day, Dr. Boris Abramov and Dr. Tatyana Abramova diagnose and treat the feet and ankles of people just like you. Whether you have a specific concern or simply maintain the wellbeing of your feet and ankles, the staff at Abramov’s Comprehensive Foot Care is ready to help you. Call us today at 443-872-7052 or click here to schedule an appointment in our conveniently located Pikesville office.