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Maintain Healthy Feet for Overall Well-Being

If you want to feel good and stay active, you’re going to need to keep your feet healthy. Neglecting your feet can lead to falls and unnecessary discomfort in other places in your body. Read on for some tips from Boris Abramov, DPM and Tatyana Abramova, DPM to keep your feet pain free so you can stay active and healthy.

Inspect your feet weekly. Take note of anything new, or unexpected changes that might indicate problems. Inspect your feet every other day if you have diabetes. Diabetics are more likely to experience foot sores and infections than others.

Avoid ingrown toenails by cutting toenails straight across and avoiding rounded corners.

If you enjoy the occasional professional pedicure, be certain that your salon employs excellent hygiene practices. Be on the lookout for an obviously clean environment and instruments that are sterilized between customers. Never, ever let the nail-tech use a razor on your feet! This can create tiny nicks and cuts that allow germs to enter and lead to warts and fungal infections.

Feet must be clean to be healthy.  Wash your feet with soap and water every day. Dry them well, and be sure to remember the spaces between the toes.

Don’t share shoes, socks, or other footgear. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to share, be sure everything is treated with an antibacterial spray such as Lysol.

Whenever possible, choose shoes made of leather. They allow air to circulate so feet can “breathe.” If your feet tend to get very sweaty, try a pair of the new shoes made of mesh fabrics.

Wear shoes that fit properly! Shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause long-term problems. Choose broad, wide shoes with wide, low heels. Pointy shoes and stiletto heels are fashionable, but they can cause a host of issues.

Wear shower shoes in locker rooms and public pools. Bacteria and fungi are common in these places.

Sweaty feet are hospitable environments for bacteria. Keep feet dry in socks made of wool or cotton. If your feet get damp, change your socks as soon as possible.

If you have a problem, see a podiatrist! Years of specialized training and experience make a podiatrist the best doctor to diagnose and treat all of your foot and ankle issues.

Are you concerned about your feet or ankles? Head to Abramov’s Comprehensive Foot Careand let Dr. Boris Abramov and Dr. Tatyana Abramova diagnose and treat the issue.  We are ready and able determine both the source of your discomfort and the best course of action for moving forward.  Call us at 443-872-7052 today. We’ll be happy to schedule a convenient appointment for you in our Pikesville office.